1. PilotAngelâ„¢

    Pilot Angel is an award winning, patented system invented by J. Kimo Arbas that helps prevent accidents by detecting dangerous drowsiness and intoxication in real-time via brainwaves.

    Light weight and mobile, Pilot Angel is a wearable and app. 

  2. Kimo.PilotAngel@gmail.com

  3. KillRadio.org

    J. Kimo Arbas, along with 12 other dj's using a consensus model founded www.killradio.org in 2000, an independent live stream pioneering internet radio station in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

    KILL Radio was featured in a front cover article by the LA Weekly (http://www.laweekly.com/news/is-anybody-listening-2133321). KILL Radio, amongst other things was known for being mirrored by pirate radio transmission in Southern coastal California from the Hollywood hills to San Pedro. KILL Radio is still active nearly two decades later.

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